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Metallic Rub Ons

Metallic rub-ons are a wax based, non toxic color palette used for adding color or metallic shine and luster to your art projects. It will work on either coated, glossy or plain paper cardstocks, as well as metallic paper, metal tooling, sealing wax, velour paper or melted embossing powders. The color is applied with sponge applicators or with your finger. When applying color with your fingertip, begin lightly and sparingly at first to avoid a fingerprint. Build up color gradually until the image is as dark as you wish. Practice applying rub-ons smoothly with your fingertip on scrap paper before using it on your card. Learn to blend the colors and metallic finishes together, for some very interesting shades and highlights. Add color on color to obtain highlights. Buff the color as you apply it, to get the shiny look of metal. When your project is finished, allow some drying time for the rub-ons to set. If it still seems to come off easily, you may need to spray your project with a fixative to seal it.


  • Make background paper by swirling on varying shades of metallic rub-ons with your finger, paper towel or sponge applicator. Stamp designs over the finished background.

  • Obtain a slick, glasslike finish by over-embossing with Embossing Enamel.

  • See our tip sheet on Embossing Enamel for the technique of "tile stamping" or stamping an impression into hot, newly melted enamel powder. Metallic rub-ons can be used to add color and/or metallic sheen to the design. The high points of the image will be accented.

  • Add shiny highlights to metal quilting or "pop can tooling".

  • Use metallic rub-ons with stencils. Apply by stippling with a 1/4" or 1/8" stencil brush. This is very dramatic and beautiful when done on black velour paper, but any cardstock will work, even vellum.

  • Metallic rub-ons can be applied to your stamped sealing wax designs to add sheen.

  • Make a leather-like texture background paper by spreading liquid applique with a brayer in a thin layer on your card, and then heating with your heat tool. Rub on some metallic or color tone highlights.


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