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Basic Stamping: Inks & Stamp Pads

Ink & Stamp Pads are the rubber stamper's palette. A wide array of colors and types are available. View available Stamp Pads.


Acid free, fade resistant, permanent and smear proof when dry, Memories Ink is a superior general stamping ink. It will dry (especially when heat set) on regular or glossy paper, clear acetate, or metallic coated stock. When stamping on photos, do not heat set, but allow ample drying time for the ink to cure and become permanent. Memories can be used on glass, plastic, acrylic or metal quite successfully when heat set and then allowed to cure for several days. (On a glass surface this ink is semi-permanent, since it can be completely removed with alcohol.)
View Memories Stamp Pads

Brilliance Pigment Stamp Pad


Known for their very bright and opaque colors, pigment ink is thicker and slower to dry, making it perfect for heat embossing. Pigment ink will dry on any surface that is not coated, since it requires absorption in to the surface for drying. Heat setting with your embossing heat tool will speed the drying time when you do not wish to emboss. When using pigment ink on coated stock such as metallic, matte or glossy, heat embossing is required, since the ink will not dry.
View Brilliance Pigment Stamp Pads
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These pads are filled with clear, slightly (blue) tinted glycerin based embossing fluid which is especially formulated for use with heat embossing powders.
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  • Store your stamp pads level and upside down. This prevents uneven ink distribution and keeps the surface fully inked.
  • To prevent your stamp pads from becoming muddy, clean your stamps when changing colors.
  • Solid color stamp pads in dark colors such as black, blue or dark purple work best for stamping images which you plan to color.
  • Only re-ink your pad with the same brand and the same color of ink with which it was filled when it was new.


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