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Embossing Enamel

Embossing Enamel is a large grain, clear embossing powder which is versatile in use. Many different textures can be achieved. The large granules spread out as they are heated, creating a smooth, glassy, extra thick surface. To use the powder, apply a thin layer of clear embossing ink over the entire surface to be treated. Sprinkle on embossing enamel, tap off the excess, and apply heat. A single layer of embossing enamel gives a bumpy texture, like water drops on glass. To build up texture and dimension, add a second coat in the same manner. A third coat produces a surface as smooth as glass. To apply a heavy coat of enamel, heat from beneath to prevent it from blowing away in the melting process.


  • Stamp a large, solid image such as a flower, color and over-emboss with clear enamel. Cut out this image. Heat again, and shape the image as it bends. Mount on your card.
  • Apply 2 layers of enamel, and allow it to cool. Gently bend the card and crack the finish. Apply dye based ink from a re-inker bottle and allow it to seep into the cracks. Wipe it off. Leave it as is, or apply another coat of enamel.
  • Stamp a deep impression onto the surface. While your last coat of enamel is still hot, ink a stamp with pigment based ink. Press it into the hot enamel surface and pull it out quickly. Work fast, because the enamel cools rapidly. The pigment ink will add color, as well as lubricate the stamp to prevent it from sticking to the enamel.
  • Between layers of enamel, sprinkle on glitter, tiny beads, or metallic confetti. The shiny specks will be suspended in the enamel.
  • Experiment with adding streaks of standard embossing powders to the enamel.
  • Embossing enamel can be used on wooden boxes, art metal (one application creates a bumpy, "hammered" look) or clear acetate.


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